Security Posture

The Security Posture is the place where high level dashboards are available both for Operational and Management needs.

Top Menu Bar Options

  • Timespan drop down - here you can set a timespan to filter on

  • Help drop down - to access the embedded documentation and the about SCS information

  • User drop down - allows you to go to Account settings or Log Out

The Timespan drop-down allows you to choose between Presets and Date & Time Range.

The Presets can be:

  • hourly - last 1h, 6h and 24h

  • daily - last 2d, 7d and 30d

  • more - last 1y or All


All time range will set a time range from the first to the last stored alert. Thus, it might have an earlier end date, than when selecting last X days/years

The Date & Time Range allows you to do an absolute date/time selection, by setting a start/end date and start/end time range.

Operational Center

The Operational Center has been designed for SOC Operations and Security Analysts to have a simple and comprehensive dashboard about the state of the threats in their environments.

Operational Center

As only Declarations of Compromise ™ are escalated to this dashboard, most of these KPIs will be at 0 most of the time. And that’s a good thing, translating a healthy environment!

From top to bottom, this dashboard presents:

  • Technical KPIs

    • Total analyzed traffic

    • Total events processed

    • Total number of alerts

    • Total Declarations of Compromise

    • Total impacted assets

    • Total active threats

  • The state of each impacted assets on the Cyber Killchain

  • A direct graph of the Assets and Threats

  • A Geographical map of the threats

This dashboard is only available to Stamus NDR users.

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