Feature Request

Your comments, suggestions, and ideas for improvements are very important to us.

You can send us your feature requests at support@stamus-networks.com or using the messaging apps Mattermost or Discord.

To make sure your request hits the top of the pile, please follow the below guidelines.

We will use the provided information to improve our products and services and we appreciate you taking the time to send us this information.

Requesting a Feature

To help us understanding your needs, please follow the following guidelines.

Describe the feature or change you would need

First, describe the feature or change you would like to see happening, such as:

I would like to have a function that do XYZ

Describe how this change will help you

Then, describe how this new feature or change will help you, your team or operations. For example:

I would like to have a function that do XYZ so that I will save 15 minutes per incident because I won’t have to do it manually

If you can, try to use the construction I WANT ….. SO THAT ….. This is not mandatory to provide us feedback but this helps articulating the problem and why it is important to you.

Feel free to express your needs with as much details possible and in the form that you are the most comfortable with!


Think in terms of gains (what benefits will you get from that change?) and also in terms of pains (what pain will this change remove?). Usually, pains and gains are related such as the faces of a coin.

In the above example, the gain is to save 15 minutes and the pain come from the fact that’s currently done manually.

Describe how important it is to you

Finally, give us a feeling of the importance of that feature or change to you, your team and operations. For example:

I need that feature as soon as possible otherwise I won’t be able to meet my operations requirements currently evaluated by an internal security assessment.

I would love to have it but we managed to find a workaround by developing an internal tool to ease the process